On this page, you find all the information you will need to send me your razor for honing (sharpening) so let's begin !

Send all packages for honing to me at the following mailing address:

L.D. Mc Henry
5354 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30341

My Cell number is  404-285-6228 but the best way to reach me is via a text message. Use TEXTING FIRST
if at all possible.

If you wish to contact me via E Mail, please send to the following whetstonellc@gmail.com. A new window will open up inside your regular E Mail program. In case you get a message asking for permission from Windows, just OK it and write to your heart's content.

When you look at a razor's edge under a microscope, you'll see that it's composed of points that resemble saw teeth. When a razor becomes dull, these teeth are irregular and point in different directions. Honing a blade restores these teeth to their original condition and alignment. Additionally, stropping by you BEFORE and AFTER every use helps keep the teeth aligned properly and the razor blade sharp. That's why it is so important to develop this habit. The keeps the edge in top notch condition for a longer period of time, hence it lasts longer and you spend less over time.

Honing per Razor $ 40.00
Cleaning a slight amount of tarnish or discoloration . $ 40.00
Remove surface rust & tarnish from blade both sides of the blade with repolishing $ 50.00
Heavy Rust/Pitting Removal. Depending on depth, repolishing may not be possible. $ 100.00

We accept US Postal Money Orders (if shipping outside of Atlanta), cash if dropping off.


The easiest way to get shipping done cheaply is to use the US Postal Service. Place your razor in it's original box and place that in a Padded Mailer ($ 1.00 or less). A padded mailer is also available at any office supply store. Inside the box, place all of your contact information for example: your name, phone number, an E Mail address ( just case I have any questions and I cannot reach you by phone), a valuation for your razor (it's cost to replace), a Money Order for $ 30.00 plus return postage and insurance. Be sure to pack the padded mailer tightly so that the contents cannot move around. Keep in mind also that this mailer can be reused over and over again. SO BE THRIFTY AND BUY ONLY ONE PADDED MAILER OR BOX.
Pick up a Padded Mailer like the one below. They work the best and are the lightest. Available at any USPS or try Target, Grocery stores or anywhere school supplies are sold. They are normally made of manila with bubble padding. Usual cost is @ $ 0.69.
If you live in the ATL, another option open to you is to drop off your razor at the Art of Shaving at Lenox or Perimeter Mall. Keep in mind that the Honing Service is a PREPAID SERVICE.

Put your razor with the blade taped or rubberbanded shut in a manila envelope with my name on the front, all of your Contact info which should have: First & Last name, Postal address, E Mail address, a Cell number, a Description of the item, What you would like to have done and When you need it returned. Put this inside in case I need to contact you with any questions, the honing fee of $ 40.00 per razor in cash and seal the envelope with some shipping tape so that it cannot open by itself. Then it would be good to give me a call or leave a voicemail/text to let me know that it has been dropped off. As soon as I can pick it up, it will take one evening to hone it and it will be dropped off at the Art of Shaving store where I picked it up from the next day. Turn around time is normally 24 hours unless I get busy like around the holidays. I will then text you to let you know it is back in the store and can be picked up by you.

Get a Mailing label. They might cost $ 1.00
The Art of Shaving
Atlanta, Georgia

The Art of Shaving
Perimeter Mall
4400 Ashford Dunwoody Road
Suite 2610
Atlanta, Georgia 30346

A Delivery Confirmation Form is no longer used by the USPS. Now you receive a receipt called USPS Tracking. This piece of paper has a tracking number on it so don't lose it!

Put your razor in this package with the blade taped or rubber banded shut. Also put all your contact info, a Money Order, and return postage & insurance with it. These costs can be included in with the honing fee but make sure you let me know how much for each one. Once all this has been done, pack the items with newspaper until snug and seal everything up with shipping tape.

The postage and insurance can be handled in two different methods:
1. You can send a separate mail package (inside the original package) addressed to you with insurance and postage on it.
2. You may include postage, insurance and package cost with your original payment for honing.

Whichever method you use will be OK with me.


If your razor's blade is made of Stainless Steel, it will be so marked on the Tang or the side of the heel of the blade. It is very important to find this out before shipping your razor to be honed. Stainless Steel contains Chromium which gives the blade a highly polished finish. But it also makes the blade hard to put an edge on. For this reason, I do not handle this type of steel. If the blade is not marked in any way, you can tell by the razor's weight.

If it is heavy, it probably is Stainless Steel. A lot of inexpensive razors sold on E Bay are in fact stainless steel.


There is a new trend emerging across the internet concerning mismarked steel. By mismarked, I mean steel that gives the impression that it is a high grade steel when, in fact, it is substandard. The latest issue I have run into are blades marked as made in "Solingen" and marked as "Carbon Steel". When I took close look at the marking "Carbon Steel" it appeared that this marking was an apllique laid on top of the handle. When sharpened, this steel did not even hold an edge. So I guess someone is trying to boost sales with mismarked steel. Before you buy, have the seller send you detailed pics of the blade before parting with your cash. The trade name on these 2 razors were "Zeepk" and the other was a generic.

Another use for the E Mail address in the future is to alert you via a text/E Mail message when your razor will be due for it's next sharpening. Usually this will be sent after one year. At this point, if you have been stropping properly and keeping your razor in good condition, it will be getting ready for it's next honing.